Stress Management

The word ‘stress’ comes from the Latin word that means ‘to be drawn tight.’ According to yourdictionary.com,“stress means physical or mental tension.”

Every organism experiences stress and needs it in order to survive. Stress is what makes it possible for an animal to get away from a predator or a flying rock or whatever the danger may be. When an animal is attacked, stress causes the animal’s body to react fast enough to get away or to defend itself—its heart starts pumping faster, adrenaline pumps through its veins, its muscles tense, and any extra body systems shut down (such as digestion and saliva production) so that energy is only spent toward getting to safety.

In our hectic lives stress can easily turn from a survival instinct to a chronic problem. When we don’t have any break in stress, our bodies wear themselves out!

So, how do we deal with stress?

1. Use it.

Much of stress management is really the ability to manage the mind. Thoughts are powerful. Our perspective about a situation can actually create our stress! If we adjust our perspective, we can turn the panic into motivation.

2. Eliminate it.

If the stress is causing more problems than it is worth, it is much better to spend time on something else.
It may also be necessary to discern the real cause of our stress. In some cases it may actually be our attitude or hunger or surroundings that are causing stress—not the paper we have to write or the book we need to read.

3. Prepare 

Lead a balanced life style: eat right, sleep enough, create social connections, and exercise. This will strengthen defense against stress.

4. Practice

If we learn specific skills for each situation and use them as much as we can, the more we practice stress management, the easier it will be and the more we will be able to handle.

To learn more specific skills or more information about stress, come to our Stress Management workshop at the CASC!


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