Managing Time at the End of the Semester

If you’re anything like many students you find yourself scrambling to finish all of your assignments and study for finals at the same time.  The semester has been stressful but especially right now.  You are overbooked. With the help of some procrastination, there’s just too much to do in so little time.

So what are you going to do? Here are two tips to help manage the remaining time this semester.

With whatever time you have left make a plan. Review and set goals and objectives; prioritize these goals and schedule your time to meet them. You want to plan your next week with spaced study times that will allow you to get the optimal amount of comprehension for finals. Remember, small frequent studying will help more than large chunks. However much you need to study, break up your study time. 
It would be wise to write a schedule for everything that you must accomplish.

Also, start studying today.  Don’t wait until your reading day.  If you’re having trouble focusing to study or beginning study, a good trick is to take your most important subject or task and spending time on it as soon as you wake up in the morning. This will give you momentum for better results the rest of your day. See what Craig Valentine, a leading writer and editor, says about this simple idea by watching this video.

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