Learn to be Positive

Whatever the problems, many of us find ourselves worrying endlessly about them. This often causes our stress levels to rise past a healthy level and the funny part – it’s all in our mind.
Much of the stress that we encounter comes from misperception and negative self-talk.   We seem to see our world and especially ourselves through a glass of dissatisfaction. More than this we let this dissatisfaction eat at our mind continually. 
In order to eliminate the stress caused by this attitude we need to learn to make our attitude a positive one. Consider three simple ways to create a positive attitude and reduce stress:
  1.          Be aware of your thoughts. If you’re stressed, ask yourself about your thought process. Find unreasonable thoughts and eliminate them.  Identify the general trend of your thoughts and understand its effects.
  2.          Create positive thoughts. Be optimistic about the future and convince yourself that it will be good. Believe that you can ace that test, write that paper and get the internship you want. Tell yourself this.
  3.          Appreciate your life.  Find the things that are going well about your life. Don’t allow negative aspects of your life to destroy your peace.  Be grateful. Many university studies done across the nation have generally shown that grateful people are happier, less stressed, and have increased well-being (Harvard Health Publications).

Learn to be positive. It will help eliminate harmful stress and allow you to be successful and happy.

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