Communicating Through Body Language

Right now take a self evaluation of your posture. Did you know that this, and other types of body language can have an effect on others as well as yourself?

Communication comes in various forms, and one of the most obvious influencers is through body language. First impressions have a large influence on how people view us. The way you hold yourself and present yourself can have a large effect on the way you’re perceived by those around you. When you show confidence, people tend to feel that you can be a person who is trustworthy and intelligent. The question becomes, what are the aspects of body language to practice and what can we do to improve?

Body language comes from different bodily movements, facial expressions, gestures, posture, and voice tone and level. When we stand straight up, speak clearly with a good sound level, and refrain from fidgeting or cowering, we are often viewed in a more confident light.

Amy Cuddy researched on the effects of body language and found that not only are we viewed by others in a more confident manner, but we also influence our own perception of ourselves. When we feel powerful, we tend to spread out whereas when we feel powerless we tend to cower. This is true even in the animal kingdom. This is a natural tendency.

If you hold yourself with confidence, you can influence how you are viewed, as well as how you feel about yourself.

To learn more about the importance of body language and how to improve body language, check out Amy Cuddy’s TED talk below:

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