Survey Reading

Efficiently and effectively reading and understanding your textbook can become much easier for you.  It all starts with a simple step called Surveying.  Surveying is part of a systematic process for textbook comprehension represented by the acronym SQ4R. The acronym stands for Survey, Question, Reading, Recite, Reflect and Review.  Generally these steps are done in order to bring about the most from textbook study. Today I discuss the first step, Survey.

Surveying consists of scanning the text before you read word for word. To survey look over the headings and bolded words.  Think about what you might already know of the subject. With a quick survey of the text you have an idea of what’s coming.  Thus you will be able to formulate good questions that you want to answer and understand from reading. This will make what you read more memorable and applicable to you.

Don’t be too rushed.  You may think you don’t have time to survey first but surveying can reduce the time you spend reading.  It will help you focus on more important information in order to quickly answer important questions.  Even if you don’t have time to read all of the pertinent parts of the textbook, at least survey the reading. It will help prepare your mind for the subject matter you will receive in class.  

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