Preparing Your Mind

Fall semester is just around the corner!  I'm sure there are countless things on your mind as you prepare for classes to begin.  There's a nice checklist to make sure you have everything taken care of at https://onestop.byu.edu/beginning-semester-checklist.

But have you done anything to prepare the most important tool you have for success-your mind?  

Here's a checklist to help you make sure your mind is ready to learn this upcoming semester:

__  Identify your learning style-are you more of a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner?  Adjust your learning strategy to capitalize on your strengths.
__  Realize that constant review is key to memory-frequent review will transfer information into your long-term memory where it can be recalled when needed.  Develop a study plan and start reviewing immediately.
__  Sleep-adequate sleep is important for memory consolidation.  Late nights are detrimental to learning.
__  Establish healthy habits/routines-make sure you are getting the nutrition and exercise your brain needs.  Not only will you feel better physically but your ability to learn and remember will improve.
__  Understand stress-too much stress can paralyze our minds and even lead to burnout.  Managing your time and lifestyle will help you avoid unnecessary setbacks during the semester.

Have a wonderful semester!

Animation: from Anatomography maintained by Life Science Databases(LSDB)

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