Tailor-Make Your Study Habits

When it comes to study habits, there are a lot of right ways to do things. Make sure your habits and routines are tailor-made for you!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about my study habits in college, it’s that using other people’s miracle strategies does not always pan out. But, if there’s a strategy or habit that you would like to have that may not come naturally for you, certainly don’t ignore it! In the case that you want to try something that you know will be a challenge for you, just be aware of your strengths and limitations and make the appropriate efforts to make the change.

In study habits, it’s okay to give yourself a break and to play to your strengths! For me, mornings are both difficult and pretty unpleasant (and I have a pretty strong tendency to be late), so I know that when I have the chance to take a class later in the day, it can really have a positive effect on my whole day. There is always the opportunity for me to make a change and develop stronger discipline in that area—but for me, the added stress of feeling like I’m never on time to class and in a huge rush in the morning is enough for me to want to tailor my study a bit around that challenge that I have.  

If you are a musical genius, maybe instead of limiting your music to leave time for study, try listening to a type of music that is conducive to study and see how it works for you. (Did you know Pandora and Spotify have dedicated study stations?) Or maybe mix the two by writing jingles to help you remember what you learn—there’s a reason we all watched School House Rock in elementary school!

The same goes for a variety of things—if you find it hard to read big chunks of text, or memorize muscle names, or learn technical processes, find ways to motivate yourself that play into what you actually like! The goal of school isn’t to be intensely studious and nothing else for 4 (or 5) years—it’s to learn and retain critical thinking skills and subject-specific knowledge—so if you can have fun doing it, all the better!

You may find that your study habits get you further and help you enjoy school more when you learn to play to your strengths and allow yourself to be…yourself!

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