Naked Truth and Parable: A Lesson in Communicating

As Rabbi Kranz’s story illustrates, people are sometimes more likely to accept difficult truths or concepts when they are demonstrated.

Stories of personal experiences demonstrate why your perception is the way it is. Parables and fables illustrate concepts in symbolic ways. This provides listeners with the opportunity to understand at different levels.

If you are having difficulty explaining your views or a concept to another individual, perhaps you could share your message through a story!

Beware not to be rude, brash, proud, or to point fingers. After all, a faulty fable led Aesop to his death. Instead, be caring toward whom you are trying to communicate with:

“What are you both familiar with? What do you both understand? Is the story relevant, interesting, and appropriate?”

Use those common subjects and themes to convey the more difficult concepts!

If you get stuck, the New Testament contains a large collection of good examples.

Happy telling!

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